Liz Kaiser

To provide an opportunity to donate to the Squamish Montessori School, for those who can not afford to do so in a conventional way.I have two kids Riley and Ollie who both attend SMS. Both have been attending since they were 2.5yrs in the Casa program.

Since moving to Squamish (about 12 years ago) my husband and I have made some smart real estate choices just by understanding the local neighbourhoods, the market, demographics and both having construction backgrounds. I would find myself driving around with a coffee looking for sale signs, and then imagining what I’d do to enhance each property. Eventually I concluded that I should turn my passion into a career and I became a Realtor here in Squamish.

Being my own boss, provides me with the opportunity to be creative with my business. In place of paying to have my face plastered on the side of a bus I would rather “donate” my marketing money to the school and in turn use the parents and friends of the school to obtain business.

For every deal that completes because of a parent, or participant referral, I will donate $1,000 dollars to SMS building futures. The name on the leaf on the donation tree will have name of the referee engraved on it.

I am also hoping my personal commitment to the cause, will give me a better platform for asking others to donate, as part of the building futures team.