With a keen eye for hidden potential in properties, and a background in construction management. Liz has been successful in the Squamish real estate market on a personal level, and is excited to help her clients experience the same success, as a real estate professional.

Liz moved to Squamish 13 years ago. She had a garage full of toys, and enjoyed all the outdoor adventures Squamish had to offer. Today she is the mother of two small children and her husband owns and operates a local business here in town. She is part of the changing demographic of Squamish, yet has been here long enough to have a thorough understanding of Squamish and provide her clients with intimate, accurate knowledge of the area. “I understand the needs of new young families, young couples, commuters and entrepreneurs. I have extensive knowledge of programs available to Squamish residents. I know what each different neighbourhood offers to its residents, and the vibe of all the different micro communities. I believe that location and function are the two most important aspects of real estate, and take pride in my ability to recognize where my clients will feel completely at home.”

Squamish is a place where it’s residents are pursuing “more” out of life. Whether that means more property for your money, more time in the outdoors or more opportunity as part of a thriving community, Squamish has it. Liz understands that every client has a different “more”, and prides herself on offering more as a realtor.